Manning Visits with Saban at Bama

Published on 18-Apr-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Manning Visits with Saban at Bama

OK, Tennessee fans, what do you feel about a former Vols quarterback sleeping with the enemy?

ESPN found out that Peyton Manning and Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase visited Nick Saban in Tuscaloosa last week.

The meeting was supposed to be beneficial to both parties, but it sounds like Saban is trying to learn from Manning how to run the no-huddle more efficiently, like he does in Denver. Except, of course, when the Broncos are playing Seattle in the Super Bowl.

"Since they're a no-huddle team, we had a lot of questions for them, in terms of what gives them problems and what defensive teams do that give them problems," Saban said. "That was a mutual benefit. I know it was a benefit to us. I hope it was a benefit to them as well."

They probably got into more detail than Chip Kelly and Urban Meyer did for this piece, but now seems like a good time to pull it up:

And then there are those sign boards that seem to pick up the pace much quicker than yelling "Omaha!" does:

Saban also added the down-home friendly angle:

"Peyton Manning has been a friend and very well respected for a long time, ever since I coached in the league," Saban said. "We played them when he was at Indianapolis and I was in Miami. His dad [Archie] has been a really good friend of mine for a long, long, long time."

Also, Gase used to work for Saban at Michigan State and LSU. Under Gase, Manning had his best year as a pro, so it's no surprise that Saban would turn to the best in the game for advice on how to run the no-huddle effectively.

Which sounds like to me some major changes in the Alabama offense are about to take place, which may not bode well for the rest of the SEC.