Les Is Still at LSU; Generalissimo Franco Is Still Dead

Published on 1-Dec-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Les Is Still at LSU; Generalissimo Franco Is Still Dead

It's tough being a beat reporter in the 21st century.

With social media incessantly buzzing, the pressure to dig up scoops carries with it heightened risk.

Knowing which inside sources to believe carries a caveat as to whether or not they have an agenda.

And down along Corn Dog Way, those dudes blurred the lines between lobbying and observing.

Dude was fired, all right.

Fired up. As were his Bayou Bengals and their fans:

The public effort to dump the Mad Hatter was almost as clumsy as another ridiculous spin attempt back near the dawn of time, socially-media speaking:

Back then, the rule used to be confirmation from two independent sources before a news item got published. But what fun is that?

However, the part that went public was just the iceberg's tip. If something wasn't in the works behind the scenes, AD Joe Alleva wouldn't have let his coach twist in the wind all that time.

Tweet re Miles and Alleva

It's also the product of anyone with a keyboard wanting to be first instead of foremost.