Is the Media Responsible for Saban Rumors?

Published on 12-Dec-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Is the Media Responsible for Saban Rumors?

I said I wasn't going to write another story about Nick Saban today, but I just couldn't help myself.

I was thinking how and why these rumors continue after his numerous denials. It comes down to one word: the media.

OK, technically that was two words, but you get my point.

A lot of these rumors continue because of the media, especially the media in and around Austin.

The story was first brought to our attention by the Associated Press. Apparently, some officials associated with the University of Texas approached Saban's agent, Jimmy Sexton, about Saban's interest in the Texas job before Mack Brown was let go, or as it seems, forced to resign.

Despite numerous denials from Saban himself saying he has no interest -- and that's no as no, nay, nada, and however they say it in Texas -- the stories continue. And yet, we get stuff like a radio station out of Austin reported that Saban's wife, Terri, was out house hunting out there.

Who knows? Maybe a reporter hit the space bar by mistake and she was really outhouse hunting. You never know what part of Austin those media types frequent.

Anyway, in a recent interview, Mrs Saban denies even being out there. So who knows? Maybe the media dude over there saw a lookalike in the deep suburbs who had to answer the call of nature. What with the origins of these stories and no one bothering to confirm the sources, it could've been.

Back in Tuscaloosa, Mrs Saban also said in the same interview that she and her husband were staying. That was confirmed.

Still, another reporter out of Dallas-Forth Worth area who covers TCU said it was a "done deal." Even though the University of Texas president himself said the university had no contact with Saban, how can it be a done deal? Shadowy intermediaries may have been lurking about with Sexton, but there's nothing near a done deal until the dudes with power of the pen blow the ink dry.

So, how does this stuff continue? Media. From mainstream media to bloggers, they are all trying to do the same thing: get hits for their site and be the first  to break the story. On top of that, Saban is a trendy keyword for the search engines.

All this leads to the obvious conclusion. Sometimes people make things up to get noticed.  

I heard someone on a talk show in Birmingham say today that Saban can come out and swear on the autograph of Bear Bryant that he isn't going, and people won't believe him because of his history.

And by the way, Saban hasn't been acting like a man on his way out. In fact, he's still recruiting for the University of Alabama. Bet you won't see this headline in Austin: Saban Still Recruiting for Bama.

Granted, you did see this headline in Austin: Brown Still Recruiting for Texas. That's because Brown was seen in Florida recruiting for Texas. Details, details.

So whom do you trust? The only person who knows if he is staying or going is Nick Saban, and unless he makes an announcement  in the next few days, don't believe everything you hear.

In fact, take the old X Files saying to heart: Trust no one.