Coach K Wins No 1K; Merchandisers Rejoice

Published on 25-Jan-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Coach K Wins No 1K; Merchandisers Rejoice

Fortunately, Mike Krzyzewski wasn't hit by a bus between 12 Jun 2014 and now.

So he was able to lead his Duke Blue Devils into Madison Square Garden and take care of business against St John's.

The 77-68 victory wasn't as simple as it looked, and it counted just as much as the other 999 Coach K had racked up.

But it was No 1000.

Good for the Dookies. Good for him.

And good for Christopher H Gunderson and Ryan M Nolan. They're the dudes who registered to trademark the Coach 1K logo. Don't know who they are -- other thanCoach 1K t-shirt that they reside in Atlanta -- but Nike does.

The Swoosh was beyond ready to deploy at the Garden.

The Duke logo's presence on the shoulder indicates that that fine institution of privileged learning is good with this product.

For all but generations of a certain age in Chattanooga, it appeared at first glance than another trademark entered the scene:

Chattanooga news headline

If only ...

But no such luck.

It was Tom Butters, the Duke AD who didn't drop the ax on his hoops hire, even though Krzyzewski was only 38-47 over his first three seasons. Admirable restraint, something which is sorely lacking these days.

And look where it's gotten the Blue Devils: a coveted spot on the sleeve of the Coach 1K t-shirt.