Bo Pelini Would Just As Soon Be Left Alone

Published on 29-Nov-2013 by Raoul Duke

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Bo Pelini Would Just As Soon Be Left Alone

Things did not go particularly well for Nebraska in the first half of their scintillating Big 10 tilt against Iowa on Friday.  

Third string quarterback Ron Kellogg III was picked off on each of the Cornhuskers first two possessions, setting the tone for a fairly miserable first half of football for Nebraska.

As a thoroughly disgusted Bo Pelini left the field hurriedly, an ABC sideline reporter named Quint Kessenich -- yes, Quint -- approached him with the usual cursory questions. Apparently this is a side gig for Quint, as he is primarily known for his sharking skills and gruff personality (see Jaws).

However, Bo was not in the mood and was particularly annoyed with Quint’s opening inquiry, which pertained to Pelini’s thoughts on the two early picks.

Bo did not break stride, barking, "Well, what do you think? What kind of question is that?"

This is actually a pretty typical question. Is it ridiculous and obvious? Of course it is. But Bo decided not to humor Kessenich.

Quint then displayed a determination and resolve that is the hallmark of any respectable sideline reporter, firing off two additional questions that Bo did answer while briskly jogging away.

Nebraska did eventually lose, 38-17, at home to Iowa, finishing the regular season at 8-4. Pelini could be joining the ranks of the unemployed soon, so his frustration is certainly understandable.

As for Quint, perhaps next time he can regale the head coach with some salty tales from the sea (again, Jaws).