Big XII Football: The Video Game

Published on 26-Oct-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Big XII Football: The Video Game

In what's becoming a depressingly familiar refrain, yet another Big XII shootout occurred this past Saturday.

This one was in Lubbock between the Oklahoma Sooners and Texas Tech Red Raiders.

The final score?

Brace for impact.


Please keep in mind, this is a regulation score, ie- no overtime.

Defense has clearly become an afterthought in many conferences, but the Big XII and their effete Roman numerals continue to be the most egregious offender.

This particular affront to common decency and team defense predictably shattered many offensive records, both team and individual.

However, when your defensive strategy is limited to simply smiling and waving at your opponent as they run past you, well, these types of things tend to happen.

Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes accounted for 819 total yards. Not surprisingly, that would be an NCAA record.

There are many more where that came from.

This sort of thing has become fairly commonplace in college football, and the points will continue to shoot out of stadiums across the country, not unlike explosive diarrhea.

While offense is of course entertaining, a little defensive resistance on occasion would be a refreshing change.

As of press time, the massive points cleanup effort in Lubbock was still in progress.