Amway Poll: How Do These Coaches Have Votes?

Published on 27-Sep-2015 by Chips 10

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Amway Poll: How Do These Coaches Have Votes?

Gotta wonder.

How do some of the coaches in their own Amway Poll get a vote?

And of course, some of them don't actually vote. Until it actually might affect their team, they just fob their ballot off to some SID flunky walking down the hall and tell him/her to knock themselves out.

Check out their co-choice for No 24:

Amway Poll No 24t

I'm sorry, but any team that loses, 62-20, to anyone -- even Utah -- deserves to drop out of the ratings immediately.

Still, it really doesn't matter where most of the teams stand throughout the Top 25, because in the end, only the top six or seven will fight it out for a slot in the college playoff.

However, voters must stop giving Baylor and TCU any love. Neither was better than Ohio State last season, and it showed. Yet again in 2015, the coaches have ranked TCU and Baylor third and fourth. Do the voters really think teams that surrender dozens of points are even that close?

Top 4 of Top 25

Baylor has beaten SMU, Lamar, and Rice and gave up 31 points against Lamar. None of these teams should even be in the FBS!

The Bears will play their usual overrated Big12 schedule, and like last year, will yield 58 to a team like TCU, 46 against Texas Tech, and 42 in their bowl game.

TCU struggled to beat Minnesota, a team that overcame MAC middlers Kent State and Ohio by three points each. That's Ohio University, not the Ohio State. This is the same TCU team that had SMU light them up for 37 points and had to score on a deflected pass to beat Texas Tech, 55-52, on Saturday.

Mississippi and Georgia would destroy Baylor or TCU.

One thing those teams do is play defense. LSU is better than both of those teams as is Notre Dame, injuries or not. Florida State hasn't lost a regular season game in three years. UCLA is -- like Notre Dame -- beaten up, but manhandled Arizona on the road on Saturday.

Last year, college football fans felt bad for TCU and Baylor. Enough already! Be like Oklahoma and go play Tennessee on the road. Be like Texas and go play at Notre Dame and host California.

Then you can talk about playing a meaningful game in January.