Villanova Buzzer Beater Tops the UNC Miracle Trey

Published on 5-Apr-2016 by J Square Humboldt

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Villanova Buzzer Beater Tops the UNC Miracle Trey


That's the way to end a season.

Full marks to Villanova and North Carolina for showing what 40 minutes of sheer intensity looks like.

Talk about earning a national title!

In any other scenario, it'd beg superficiality to have a national championship claimed by the quasi-fluke that is a long-range buzzer beater.

Here, though, the Wildcats saw Carolina's Marcus Paige pull the level and dial up three cherries ...

... and raised them -- along with the roof -- on a set play that confirmed Jay Wright's Coach of the Year award:

Was that precise execution or what?

Ryan Arcidiacono's excellent game was capped by not only dragging two defenders with him on the pass-back, but also by the ersatz pick his drive-by created, giving Kris Jenkins ample space to launch the shot that will be replayed in Philadelphia for years to come.

Nova's 1985 championship has long been called the Perfect Game, and deservedly so. Georgetown was clearly a dominant team, and taking the Hoyas down left the Wildcats with no margin for error. Thus, the moniker.

This one might not have matched it for technical execution, but in terms of unyielding effort, tempo, and sheer force of will, it was a masterpiece in its own right.

North Carolina had its best game of the year from beyond the arc, going 11-17 for an impressive 64.7% performance.

The Tar Heels also won the battle on the boards, 36-23, which included a haul of 14 offensive rebounds.

Yet, few would argue that Villanova won the inside game on both ends. Their strongside flood created unique mismatches that the Heels couldn't sufficiently exploit. Rarely did UNC recognize Nova's scheme shifts, and they paid for it by resorting to jumpers that negated their height advantage.

In so doing, these dudes elevated themselves as close to immortality as humans can get.