Valentine's Day Buzzer Beaters: Something in the Air

Published on 14-Feb-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Valentine's Day Buzzer Beaters: Something in the Air

The quasi-holiday itself is strange enough.

St Valentine's Day is famous in modern-day lore as a massacre in Chicago orchestrated by Al Capone.

St Valentine's Day Massacre

The actual history, though, is even more bizarre.

Frankly, with a backstory like that, Valentine's Day is more suited for weird happenings than Halloween.

And in 2015, college hoops didn't disappoint. Twice, in fact.

First, when Michigan State upset Ohio State, 59-56, in East Lansing, who else would fire the winning shot but Denzel Valentine?

His career could use a few more moments like this. Too bad his surename isn't Groundhog. In a good way.

Later, out in the flatter regions of Big Sky country, Montana State's Marcus Colbert is a drive-and-dishing kind of dude because, as Bob Dylan put it, you gotta serve somebody. Especially in the final seconds of a 78-all tie at North Dakota.

But, as Rick Nelson reasoned, if you can't please everyone, so you've gotta please yourself.

So Colbert took a bit of both philosophies and won the game with them:

It was just that kinda day.