They're Dancing in Kentucky, but the Hosts Aren't Home

Published on 18-Mar-2013 by Larry Cory

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They're Dancing in Kentucky, but the Hosts Aren't Home

Defending NCAA champion Kentucky is now a Number One seed again.

Only this time it is in the NIT.

Could it really be true that this team was a top-rated squad earlier in the season? That should tell you all you need to know about the rankings.

The Wildcats won't even play their first round NIT game in Lexington because the the Big Dance has shuffled them right off to -- no, not Buffalo -- scenic Pennsylvania, where they'll meet the mighty Colonials of Robert Morris University. And it's possible the only good that will come of it is a history lesson as to whom Robert Morris was. That will give the Cats something of value when they return to their palatial digs back at school, because this team may very well play only one game in the NIT.

 Forget about all the great talent they have.  These guys never bought in to what Coach Califari was selling.  They never had a true leader, and they never gave themselves a chance.

If you listen to the sports-talk shows in Lexington, you will hear the lunatic fringe of Wildcat fans saying that Calipari can't coach anymore and that he can't recruit.  Lets see, what else? Oh yes, I like this one: Calipari's bench coaches are just not very good. Kentucky fans are so blinded by past success that they just can't handle the fact this collection of talented individuals were never a good team, even though certain individuals thought differently.

Frankly, this could have been Calipari's best coaching job since he has been at Kentucky. He coaxed a strong enough effort out of the Wildcats to ring up a victory against a top-ten Florida contingent. To get the Cats to 20 wins was a feat in itself.

Full disclosure: I was born and raised in Lexington, and I have lived here my entire life.  I bleed blue, but I'm smart enough to see when the Cats clearly don't have a shot.

The question now is whether Calipairi get these guys up for an NIT road trip. A decent run to Madison Square Garden would pass the time until 15 October. That's when another highly-touted recruiting class can start putting pen to paper.

And that group only wants to read about Robert Morris in a history class.