Sweet 16's Thursday Chalk Leaves 'Dogs in the Dust

Published on 25-Mar-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Sweet 16's Thursday Chalk Leaves 'Dogs in the Dust

It can fairly be said that there are no real upsets at this stage of the Big Dance.

But a close game or two wouldn't go amiss.

That wasn't the case last night. At all.

lt left fans to thank the technology gods for that phenomenon known as the second screen.

Just be safe about it.

Besides the crying need for safe sexts, the Selection Committee's battered cred could use a boost, like confirmation its anointed top seeds were actually that.

Oregon and Kansas delivered:

Same story with the 2-seeds that thought they shoulda been top seeds:

Dudes are playing like they should've been top seeds, too.

Oklahoma and Villanova left no doubt as to where they stand in the grand scheme of things:

Well, it is bracket play.

Gotta win five, no matter what the seed.

And sooner or later, a close game will appear.

Until then, just be careful out there.

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