Rabid Iowa State Fans almost Maim Reporter

Published on 14-Dec-2015 by Raoul Duke

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Rabid Iowa State Fans almost Maim Reporter

The Iowa State Cyclones staged a furious rally recently against Iowa, coming back from 20 points down to beat the Hawkeyes 83-82 to remain unbeaten.

This all sounds very exciting, but things took a turn for the worse immediately following the final buzzer.

Many Cyclones enthusiasts, clearly overcome with emotion after watching their team steal a win at home against an unranked opponent, decided to storm the court.

Of course, we've witnessed this many, many times in college hoops, but on this particular occasion an innocent journalist was caught in the crush.

Randy Peterson, a reporter with the Des Moines Register, was attempting to navigate the throng on his way to the post-game press conference when he was knocked to the floor, breaking his left leg.

Well, that certainly looks uncomfortable.

Fans storming the field or court has become sort of a time-honored tradition, particularly in collegiate athletics. It's widely accepted as part of the game and is even kinda cool in a way, even when it involves a Goliath edging an in-state David.

Thus, in this instance, the celebration didn’t seem appropriate for the circumstances. Iowa State was a sizable favorite, and while the comeback was exciting and it was their rival, it probably shouldn't have been necessary.

As with most things, it takes something bad happening for changes to occur. The Big XII had actually instituted a policy that allows it to fine schools for allowing such things, but for whatever reason, the conference won't be penalizing the Cyclones for this particular incident.

Meanwhile, Peterson appears to be doing just fine, and has been good-natured throughout.

Ouch, indeed.

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