Julius (Not the Doctor) Randle is Out at Kentucky

Published on 23-Apr-2014 by Larry Cory

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Julius (Not the Doctor) Randle is Out at Kentucky

Let me start by saying that I like Julius Randle.

I watched him grow up this season. Well, as much as an 18- or 19-year-old kid can grow up in five months.

He actually did learn how to pass the basketball! Makes me want to vote Coach Cal for coach of the year! I have never played, coached, or officiated an NBA game, so my opinion may mean nothing, and if it means nothing, then I understand 100%. But here it is.

It's easy to see his potential:

But to the NBA scouts, I have to ask, is this guy one of your top picks? If so, why?

Where will a 6-9, 250lb, 20-year-old play in The League? Especially one that can only go left? One that does not elevate well for a 6-9 player, and one that does not finish well around the rim? His best move is to try and go right, pick up his dribble, and then spin back to the left, only to find a double- and triple-team waiting for him.

Randle does shoot 50% from the field, but most of those are 3- to 5-foot shots that will get blocked in the NBA. He shot 70% from the foul line, and that's great. However, has anyone ever seen him shoot a mid-range jumper? Me neither! Dude's got no game from five feet away from the basket. 

I understand James Young going pro. He can shoot, he's fast, and he can jump. You surely noticed the dunk over everyone in the title game. Damn!

Young just can't dribble the basketball! Turnover city, baby! But that's another story for another day.

Randle can't shoot, can't get off the floor well, and has minimal speed.

I've watched this guy play all season and never witnessed him take over a college game. In fact, one could make a case for the fact that he never did much in big games. I have this vision in my head that sees the draft's top ten players shooting, dunking, and making plays in the clutch. I don't see Randle anywhere in it.

As one who resides at Ground Zero of Wildcat Nation, thanks for the one year, sir.  I hope I'm wrong and you dominate the NBA.  You're a millionaire-in-wating now, so choose your friends wisely. We won't miss you for long in Lexington. We have five more can't miss, top ten NBA draft picks coming in this summer to take your place!

Meanwhile, allow me to reminisce about true greatness:

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