Is Coach Cal in Trouble at Kentucky?

Published on 3-Mar-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Is Coach Cal in Trouble at Kentucky?

After Kentucky's embarrassing loss to South Carolina this past Saturday, head coach John Calipari wasn't exactly in the mood to talk.

Iin fact, he skipped the press conference altogether. Not a good move if you're the Kentucky head coach

Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports pointed out in his post-mortem article that Coach Cal hasn't exactly set the SEC on fire over the years with his one and done teams.

Forde pointed out that UK's record the last couple of years is 40-20 overall and 23-11 in the SEC. For most programs, that would be impressive, but this is Kentucky we're talking about.

Not to mention the fact that the SEC has been horrible the last few years. The Wildcats should hardly be losing to anyone in this league.

Forde cited the record of the three previous Kentucky teams, pre-Calipari. Those teams were combined 102-14 overall and 40-18 in the Southeastern Conference, with two SEC titles, two SEC tournament titles, two Final Four appearances and a national champtionship.

Which leads to the question, is Calipari overrated as a head coach? Strange question to be ask, considering he's won a national title, but seriously, with all that talent, that's the best he can do?

Legendary -- and bombastic -- coach Bob Knight was on Calipari's case early. This clip is from 2011 and does feature a deflective response:

Well, the past two seasons definitely won't change how Knight feels about Calipari!

He should be making the Final Four every other year, but instead, the Wildcats are barely making into the NCAA's. Instead, they went to the NIT last year and lost in the first round.

And to make matters worse, rival Louisville won the national championship last year.

If the heat isn't on Calipari right now, if he loses in the Dance's first round this year or doesn't make the tournament at all, see how quickly things change for him.

The Bluegrass for Calipari will turn brown if he doesn't get his act together.