In a 24/7 News Cycle, UNI Provides a Meltdown for the Ages

Published on 21-Mar-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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In a 24/7 News Cycle, UNI Provides a Meltdown for the Ages

Here's the downside of what just happened:

Texas A&M proved Yogi Berra to be a sage yet again.

The Aggies' erasure of a 12-point deficit to Northern Iowa in 42 seconds means that every other trailing team in the late stages will forego garbage time for the futility of beating the 3000:1 odds that put A&M into the Sweet Sixteen.

Panther boosters are probably on to right now, trying to get a cost estimate for stashing video clips like this into those depths of cyberspace that harber obscurity:

This is the same Northern Iowa team that stared down the likes of North Carolina by ironically overcoming a 16-point deficit:

For an encore, the Panthers added to their non-con cred by taking it to Iowa State and handing Stephen F Austin one of their mere six losses this season.

On top of that, UNI has big stage experience, including a nifty little run to the Sweet Sixteen in 2010.

What's more, they shocked Shaka and his crew just a couple of days before as the karma portion of Double-Digit Doomsday:

And now, the stunner has become the stunned.

There were so many ways the collapse could've been avoided. The Washington Post ultimately counted 13.

This could be the first crowd that actually understands Memento:

Or worse.

No. Worse.

If ever a team needed a visit from the Men in Black, it's these dudes and their entourage.