Hoosiers' Coach Crean Shouldn't Be Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth

Published on 13-Mar-2013 by Bridgett Davis

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Hoosiers' Coach Crean Shouldn't Be Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth
You can call Tom Crean passionate, fiery, virtuous, or intense but you definitely can't call him grateful.
Everyone is aware of his strange behavior after Indiana’s 72-71 win over Michigan on Sunday. Crean walked over to Wolverines assistant Jeff Meyer and began shouting, "You helped wreck our program!"
Meyer, who worked as an assistant under former Indiana head coach Kelvin Sampson, was fired for committing NCAA violations. Meyer was cleared, and that's why he got the job at Michigan.
Crean supposedly apologized, which he clearly should have, but not for the reason you may think. 
If anything, Crean should be giving Meyer, Simpson and anyone else who may have had a part in the scandal a big thanks.  If it wasn't for that, he would be at Marquette, looking for the next Dwayne Wade. So instead of hurling insults, Crean should try showing a little appreciation.
Nothing was really accomplished by this craziness. But one thing is certain: this skirmish will make for some fabulous and entertaining games later this season. And maybe this werid and wacky vacancy of self-control will initiate another heated Big 10 rivalry
Did Crean's action show political correctness? No. Far from it, but its kinda refreshing to see someone's misguided feelings on the edges of their sleeves. 
If you are like me, you probably enjoyed the 'hoopla' surrounding Crean this past week. First, it was cutting down the nets after a loss, and now it's the hurling of unmerited accusations. One can only wonder what is next. Can Bovada set some odds for this?
The Hoosiers themselves got a gift in the last minutes of the Michigan game, which has been overshadowed by Crean's latest sideshow.  Let's just hope next time the Indiana coach receives a gift, he knows to appreciate it.
Tom Crean needs a class in Roman history.  It may give him a much-needed new perspective on the advice imparted in the ancient slang phrase: "Noli equi dentes inspicere donati."