Grayson Allen Has Some Self Control Issues

Published on 24-Dec-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Grayson Allen Has Some Self Control Issues

Organized sports sometimes bring out the worst in people, with emotions getting the better of otherwise reasonable athletes.

In the case of Grayson Allen, these competitive instincts continue to manifest in the habitual kicking and tripping of opposing players.

The Duke star lost control yet again in a recent game against a school named Elon, using his legs in a most inappropriate fashion.

Have a look at these schoolyard antics:

Yeah, that's not cool, dude.

Allen got a tad emotional after the play, throwing what can best be described as a tantrum on the bench.

Of course, this happened twice last season, as well, so this is now officially a pattern of behavior.

Dude's shown what appears to be genuine remorse, but this didn't save him from an indefinite suspension by the school.

Allen will more than likely find himself in the NBA next season, but this nonsense will not play in the Association.

Hopefully, the kid can figure out how to harness those jimmy legs soon.