Ed Rush's Pac-12 Bounty Claim: T'd-Up Coaches Tell No Tales

Published on 2-Apr-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Ed Rush's Pac-12 Bounty Claim: T'd-Up Coaches Tell No Tales

Apparently, bounties are not limited to the NFL. They extend all the way to college basketball.

The Pac-12 finds itself in situation where their head of officials, Ed Rush, put a bounty on Arizona head coach basketball coach Sean Miller.

Rush, according to reports, told officials at a meeting that he would pay someone $5,000 or give them a trip to Mexico if they would run Miller out of the game. First of all, how much money do these guys make that he can offer someone a trip to Mexico or 5k in cash just to run a guy?

Anyway, Rush tried to brush this off by saying it was a joke, but no one is laughing. Maybe if he did this on 1 April, we'd get the joke, but so far the joke on is on the Pac-12.

I don't know what's more embarrassing for the Pac-12: this, or the fact that the commissioner of the conference, Larry Scott, thinks an expedited exoneration of Rush will put an end to the issue.

The only people laughing are the commissioners of the other major BCS conferences, who have got to be wondering what the hell Scott is thinking by not firing Rush on the spot.

If any of these allegations are true, this will be far from a laughing matter for the Pac-12.

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