Dodge This: Rutgers Fires Fireballin' Hoops Coach

Published on 3-Apr-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Dodge This: Rutgers Fires Fireballin' Hoops Coach

It didn't take Rutgers University long to figure out they were on the wrong end of the this media bliz.

Yesterday, ESPN's Outside the Lines 'outed' Mike Rice as a bully head basketball coach who use his authority to abuse his players.

Today, Rutgers did what they should have done well before this and canned him.

We aren't talking about just the mental abuse, which was bad enough, but about his physical abuse as well. If you watch the video that went viral with the speed of a hurled basketball, you have to ask what took Rugers so long to fire this guy?

Rice made Bobby Knight look like a saint. Knight was probably even disgusted by this guy's actions. 

At least Knight was a good head coach and Indiana maybe had more of reason to protect him, but why would Rutgers protect this guy who has yet to prove himself as being a winner at this level?

He is obviously crazy as hell, and from what it sounds like, the administration knew about him all along. How did they know? He got suspended back in December for three games and was fined $50,000.

And let's be truthful about it, if it wasn't for ESPN's digging, Rice would have kept his job and this would have been allowed to continue. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Head coach allowed to basically do what he wants, school administrators look the other way. 

The only difference is there is no grand jury involved. Yet. 


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