'Zona Coach Oozes Sweat amidst Early NCAA Exit

Published on 18-Mar-2016 by Raoul Duke

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'Zona Coach Oozes Sweat amidst Early NCAA Exit

The Arizona Wildcats were rudely dismissed from the NCAA Tournament on today, falling 75-65 to 11-seed Wichita State in a game that was never really in doubt.

The Shockers are a very good basketball team yet again, and they overwhelmed the Wildcats from the start, an unfortunate development that transformed head coach Sean Miller into a sweaty mess.

This process didn’t take long to unfold. Miller and his ill-advised choice of a plain white dress shirt were rendered helpless and soaked midway through the first half.

The sartorial evidence is damning. Please note the clock in the lower right hand corner:

Sean Miller sweating

That is a disturbing visual.

Of course, this is not a good look for anyone, particularly for a major college head basketball coach representing his university on network television. If Miller had just completed a racquetball game at the Tucson YMCA, his appearance would be understandable. However, this was not the case.

The real tragedy is this could have possibly been avoided -- or at least mitigated somewhat -- with a bit of wardrobe foresight. An undershirt is the most obvious solution, but a dark solid dress shirt may have been the way to go here.

By all accounts, Miller doesn’t normally sweat gratuitously on the sidelines, to this extent, anyway. In fact, there are more animated college head coaches currently plying their craft, some of whom perspire in a most unseemly fashion.

Maybe dude simply needed a personal assistant looking out for him.

It appears this was just a perfect storm of stress and offensive futility conspiring to cause a human being to become moisture.

Merman indeed.