'Cats Wave Goodbye, and Good(win) Riddance

Published on 2-Apr-2013 by Larry Cory

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'Cats Wave Goodbye, and Good(win) Riddance

I have watched and covered Kentucky basketball for over 45 years.

I have cheered and cried over victories and defeats, but I have never been so glad to see a player leave early as I was with the announcement that UK shooting guard (and I use that term loosely) Archie Goodwin had decided to test the NBA waters.

The 6-4 freshman is without a doubt one of the most selfish players in the history of the Wildcat program.  Countless times this season, he forced a shot while one and even two teammates had better looks. He shot  44% from the field, 63% from the foul line, and a staggering 26% from 3 point range! Yes, I know he is young. Yes, I know or hope that he will get better.  I am just glad that he will grow up and get better somewhere else than UK.

On the record, Coach John Calipari stated that he "fully supports Goodwin choosing to pursue his dream". I wonder if, off the record, the coach is jumping up and down. It eemed like Goodwin never bought into the team-first concept, the very same concept that helped lead UK to its eighth national title last season. With Goodwin, it was always me, me, me!

The truth of the matter might just be that young Mr Goodwin saw the writing on the wall. The 'Cats have another top-rated recruiting class coming in next year and Coach Cal will have more talent to go to when the selfish players start to put themselves ahead of the team. A more talented squad this past seasoncould have meant less playing time for a player who craves the spotlight but clearly does not have the talent to step into it.

So, NBA scouts, if you're looking for a 6-4 shooting guard who lights it up at a 26% pace behind the college-distance arc, Archie Goodwin is your man. Lotsa long two-pointers in your league.

Actually, lotsa long rebounds.