Zen Master Returns to the Garden

Published on 11-Mar-2014 by Jared

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Zen Master Returns to the Garden

Phil Jackson and the Knicks are close to finalizing a deal that will give the ex-Laker coach -- and ex-Knick player -- control of New York's front office.

The Zen Master has a pretty damn good résumé, winning 13 championships, two with the New York Knicks as a player plus six with the Chicago Bulls and five with the Los Angeles Lakers as head coach. Not to mention, of course, he's coached the greatest player of all time -- Michael Jordan -- and arguably a Top 5 player of all time, Kobe Bryant.

The question still remains: will this save the Knicks? 

There's no doubt in my mind that this addition will improve the Knickerbockers, but in the Knicks' current state, they need a savior. They need Jesus.


In all seriousness, the New York Knicks need someone to make moves that will actually keep their championship hopes alive. Luckily, the Zen Master knows nothing but winning championships. The NBA is better when the big markets are better -- Lakers (22-42), Celtics (22-41), and Knicks (25-40) -- but it currently seems like everything is opposite.

New York made a good move, but they need to get rid of the buffoon that actually owns the team. Only then could it host the "Zen Garden."