With Curry Out, It's the Mavs in a Rout

Published on 30-Dec-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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With Curry Out, It's the Mavs in a Rout

Except for the fact they're written into contracts a bonuses, MVP awards are more about PR than substance.

But if anyone doubts what Stephen Curry brings to the Golden State Warriors, his absence tonight surely caused a serious re-think.

Without his services in Dallas, the defending NBA champs got their patooties handed to them:

OK, when the Dirkmeister is popping with impunity in the hinterlands, it's officially a smash-o-rama.

One game does not an argument prove, but the vaunted system wasn't firing on all cylinders without Curry when others had to step up:

Of course, there are gonna be nights like this during an 82-game season, but what a point swing! The State was averaging 13-point margins of victory, so to get trashed by 23 is an indication there was more than bad sushi -- or whatever -- to the deal.

With Houston looming as their second opponent in two nights, Curry's case for officially being deemed the league's best may be enhanced even more if he's still unable to go.

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