Upon Further Review: Curry Choked in the Finals

Published on 30-Jun-2016 by Dusty C

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Upon Further Review: Curry Choked in the Finals

The dust has settled.

Emotions have subsided.

It's time to view what happened in the NBA Finals in the harsh light of cold reality.

Though Draymond Green took the blame for Golden State's historic collapse, the true burden of blowing this series rests on the shoulders of Steph Curry.

Chef -- or, should I say, Choke -- Curry looked more like a role player than an MVP this series.

Sure, 22 points a game looks good. Hell, dude even posted a couple of 30-pointers against the Cavs. But, that kind of thing should be expected of an MVP. They shouldn’t come occasionally.

  • In Game 1, Curry had 11 points.
  • Game 2, it was 18.
  • He didn’t break 20 until Game 4.
  • And, in Game 7, when Golden State needed him the most, he put up 17 points.

Where was that guy we saw in the regular season? Where was that guy we saw destroy OKC’s hopes and dreams?

In addition to not putting up the big points he's known for, Curry had an embarrassing 4.3 turnovers a game.

And, can we talk about that defense?

  • Curry made James Harden look like an all-NBA defender as Kyrie dropped an average of 27 a night.
  • When he wasn't getting scored on, he racked up his fouls.

Say what you want about what happened in Cleveland, but the dude had four personal fouls on his home floor in Oakland. You can't blame the refs for Game 7.

While we're on the subject of fouls, we have to remember that temper tantrum he threw after getting ejected from Game 6.

The fouls looked legit to me, especially considering he was guarding LeBron. The only way Steph could even compete with a guy like LeBron or Kyrie is by fouling him.


Give me a break. Dude fouled out and threw a tantrum like a child.

I'm not saying Curry isn't a great shooter. I'm just saying that's all he has. At best, he'd be a role player on any team that doesn't totally sell out to the arc.

If we're going to give him the unanimous MVP, we have to hold him to the same standard that we hold everyone else.

We give LeBron crap when he loses in the Finals, even when he puts up some of the best performances, eg- the 2015 Finals. We give KD crap for not even making the Finals.

Now he plays D!

Isn't it time we give Curry the same crap for not only losing in the Finals, but practically disappearing in the big games?

Say what you want, but dude was a choke artist in this series, no doubt about it.