Tough Nuggies: Not All Streaks Are Created Equally

Published on 21-Mar-2013 by Bridgett Davis

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Tough Nuggies: Not All Streaks Are Created Equally
Two teams in the NBA currently have great winning streaks, but only one seems to be in the spotlight.
Maybe its because one team is full of stars and bling and the other is not even a sparkle. With the Miami Heat hogging up most of the NBA media coverage because of their 24-game winning streak, the Denver Nuggets' winning streak is virtually invisible. 
We keep looking for reasons to underestimate the Denver Nuggets. Even now, with triumphs being compiled in impressive fashion, we fail to even consider them as a threat. 
Now that Denver's win streak has reached 13, maybe -- just maybe -- it's time for us to take notice. While the media is indifferent, I'm willing to wager the Nuggets' competition in the Western Conference isn't taking them lightly.
The Nuggets lack the illustriousness of Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, or Kevin Durant, but what they  lack in notability they more than make up for in athleticism and intensity. They also have depth; their roster is filled with players who are great in their positions.
It's a little cheeky to advocate the Denver Nuggets as potential NBA champs, but don't be surprised if they knock off a contender or two. They are fearless and have a good record against the best in the league.
One thing is certain. Denver's run is anything but a gimmick. 13 consecutive victories is a strong indication that this streak is just a dangerous prognosis of things to come during playoff time.

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