The Very Thought of ESPN Amuses Doc Rivers

Published on 6-Jan-2014 by Raoul Duke

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The Very Thought of ESPN Amuses Doc Rivers

ESPN NBA ‘insider’ Chris Broussard reported recently that there had actually been internal discussions between the Knicks and Clippers regarding a possible trade of Carmelo Anthony for Blake Griffin.

Yes, you read that correctly.

When questioned about this madness, Clippers coach Doc Rivers was completely bemused and stricken with a case of the giggles. Doc was aware of the report and could scarcely dignify it with a reply. The word ‘stupid’ was rightfully peppered throughout the conversation. It's particularly telling how Rivers refuses to even say ESPN, instead referring to them as “that network”.

The trade suggestion itself is ludicrous due to a variety of factors, including age, salary considerations, team chemistry, etc. But the fact that Broussard seems to be treating this as a legitimate news story borders on the absurd. Of course, ESPN rarely allows logic or reason to interfere with its narrative, so why begin now?

Rivers correctly points out that ESPN created the story, and then proceeded to discuss it for two days, citing vague sources within both organizations and musing that neither side is even sure it would make this completely contrived deal.

Hmmm. Perhaps the Clippers could throw in Chris Paul to sweeten the deal for the Knicks.

Yeah, that might do it.

The Mothership and its carnival-like gallery of talking heads will literally spew any gibberish that pops into their collective minds.

I am looking at you, Skip Bayless.

From silly hypotheticals to outright fabrications, the nonsense flows like a river through Bristol. ESPN can still be entertaining and sometimes thought provoking, and there are people in their employ who are worth a listen. However, the network has been a caricature of itself for some time, and reports like this one do not exactly assist in the credibility department.

We could ask Doc for his thoughts on all of this, but he is still convulsing with laughter.