The Big Aristotle Imparts His Own Wisdom

Published on 22-Jul-2015 by Towner Park

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The Big Aristotle Imparts His Own Wisdom

There's nothing like a competitive rivalry.

And now -- unfortunately, in this day and age -- superstars resort to social media platforms to voice every little thing they're thinking.

Shaquille O'Neal, who doesn't shy away when it comes to an opinion, offered up a hypothetical scenario via Instagram.

This one included two teams. The great Los Angeles Lakers with Shaq featured twice in the starting line up versus the best players from the Chicago Bulls.

Shaq seemed to think that his team, featuring Kobe and Wilt the Stilt, would dominate the Bulls by 50 points:

Shaq Instagram

It's definitely a hypothetical situation worth debating -- seems like a popular pastime -- although no one would ever possibly know what would actually take place on the court.

Notable Bulls wingman and Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen took issue with Shaq's post:

Pippen Instagram

The greatest duo of all-time?

Nope. Not according to Shaq, who felt like Steve Kerr and Ron Harper deserved more credit than Pippen.

Shaq re Harper and Kerr

Ah yes, the greatest No 2 ever? Pippen's reputation will live on forever as Mr Complementary to the greatest basketball player ever. Period.

Shaq was also a Robin of sorts. He'll realize that once his delusion fades. With Miami, Dwayne Wade was the alpha male with Shaq cleaning up the boards and offering his services as a solid No 2 option, even if he never saw it that way.

Sure, Shaq was the top dog in LA before Kobe took control, so he did have his time as the King of the Hill. You can't argue against that. He carried the Lake Show to three straight titles with Kobe's support. Honorable Mention: Robert Horry.

Regardless of who would beat whom, Shaq sounds a little bored now that the NBA season has finished, and his frustration is spilling over into the virtual realm. Probably because the real world isn't cooperating.

Why bark at someone who's won six titles? Give it a rest, dude, and focus on new fodder for this upcoming season.

It'll be there sooner or later.