Tech World Advises Ballmer on New Clipper Logos

Published on 19-Aug-2014 by Alan Adamsson

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Tech World Advises Ballmer on New Clipper Logos

It's been clear from Day One that the tech world was pleased to see Steve Ballmer purchase the Los Angeles Clippers.

It was a sign he'd really stay out of the tech sector.

Not to mention stay far, far away from Seattle.

And they've been busy doing what they could to serve the public interest. Like suggest something to replace the laughingly drab Clips logo.

The only image it projects is just how cheap Donald Sterling was. Among other things.

Instead, the general feeling is that a new logo should not only show the Clippers have turned the page, it should double as a beacon of caveat emptor. As in, if Ballmer can do what he did to Microsoft, what could he do to a basketball team?

Here's a sampling of their work:

Clippers blue screen of death

Clippers w MSN ball

Los Angeles Zunes

Microsoft backboard

Clipper dribble window

Talk about geek accuracy! Ballmer's Clips will be version 3.1:

What's the downside here? Well, any logo couldn't be worse. Neither could Ballmer. We think.