Sterling's Mistress Misses the Limelight

Published on 26-Aug-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Sterling's Mistress Misses the Limelight

If you thought we've heard the last of V Stivano and Donald Sterling, you'd be wrong.

Now that the Los Angeles Clippers are sold, the really juicy stuff is coming out. 

Or, should we say crazy stuff. As in I-miss-the-attention crazy.

While media-types were paying attention to the raging court battle between the Sterlings for the Clippers, the real turmoil was happening in a separate ring of this circus.

That's where Donald Sterling's wife, Shelly, sued his mistress/assistant/snitch V Stiviano, mainly because the old man was a little to public in lavishing gifts on her.

Stiviano countered by stating she was Sterling's beard and that Sterling is gay.

“VS was DTS’s beard for three years prior to the filing of suit,” the filing read, thus possibly becoming the first court document in history to go zeitgeist with that particular piece of nightclub jargon. 

“VS is informed and believes that [Sterling] is a homosexual and enjoys sexual acts and or sexual congress with males.”

And yes, civics neophytes, that's how to use congress in a sentence without referring to politics. It's why that Hallowed Body of Gridlock has that name.

But, V's alleged information and belief doesn't add up. Throughout this entire escapade, Sterling didn't act like a gay man. In fact, all he's ever acted like was a jealous old sugar daddy who was upset that his sugar baby may be flirting with other men.

Let's be frank, here. V Stivano has been playing Donald Sterling for a while -- and she got away with that game -- but his wife Shelly knew better

If the man was gay, don't you think Shelly Sterling would've used this against him? I'd think that a man like Sterling wouldn't want anyone to know he was homosexual and would do anything to hide it, including not fighting to keep control of the Clippers.

Plus, this man is racist and homophobic. His comments about Magic Johnson proved that. Trust me when I say, Donald Sterling is a lot of things, but I doubt gay is one of them.

But, is Donald Sterling an old fool who got played by someone who knew the game well? Yes!