Panic Proof: JR Smith Puts His Mass Hysteria Where His Mouth Is

Published on 22-Nov-2013 by Xavier McSpaniel

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Panic Proof: JR Smith Puts His Mass Hysteria Where His Mouth Is

"I'm panicking."

How long have we awaited these words? Year after year, teams with high expectations go all Rob Ford on their record; yet, when asked the inevitable inquiry into their mindset, they defer to hot, steaming piles of political correctness:

"We're still confident in our abilities."

"We're staying the course."

"We're not panicking."

Enter JR Smith. Responding to the New York Knicks OT loss to the Indiana Pacers -- an L that has consigned the Tyson Chandler-less chumps to a 3-8 start -- the explosive sixth man uttered the phrase that prompted all here at The Daily Player to stand and applaud:

"I'm panicking."

Words to live by.

But words, overdue and glorious though they may be, are never enough. We need proof. We demand evidence. We require actions to make the immortal quote come alive.

Here are four ways JR can show the world he has indeed lost the plot:

1. Put up ill-advised shots (oh, wait...he's done that for years).

2. Pout about role and playing time (ah...mastered that one long ago).

3. Throw teammates under the bus (hang on...he's got that covered too).

4. Be charged with vehicular homicide (wow...this guy is in the zone).

Well, so much for our advice. Godspeed, JR Smith. 

Live long and panic.