Out with the Old, In with D Wade?

Published on 8-Jul-2016 by Swami Brown

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Out with the Old, In with D Wade?

If Dwayne Wade was trying to one-up Kevin Durant's off-season drama, he may have just done it.

On the evening of Wed 6 July, the Flash agreed to a two-year, $47.5million deal the Chicago Bulls.

I know what you're thinking ... did he just say Dwayne Wade will be on a team not named the Miami Heat?

Yes. I know. I'm shocked, too.

Wade is no stranger to making his presence felt in free agency.

Dude was on Live with Kelly the very next morning to discuss his decision:

Dwayne Wade, to me, was like a Kobe Bryant or a Dirk Nowitzki in that I saw him playing his entire career for just one franchise.

However, that'll no longer happen.

The Bulls have now brought Wade aboard the weird ride that has been this off-season.

It started off fairly well for them with a solid draft choice in Denzel Valentine and then made very little sense from then on.

First, it was the  trade sending Derrick Rose to the New York Knicks, then it was the confusing signing of Rajon Rondo, and now ... Dwayne Wade?

Don't get me wrong. As a Bulls fan, the move is awesome. Seeing a Chicago native return to his roots after losing a former Chicagoan melts my heart and moves me to tears.

Well, sorta.

Still, not much is making sense, here.

The front office's desire to get younger was not fulfilled with the acquisitions of a 30-year-old Rajon Rondo and a 34-year-old Wade. Head coach Fred Hoiberg's up-tempo offense could well be anchored down by these two geezers alongside Jimmy Butler.

When I say anchored, I'm not talking about being the focal points. I mean they'd actually weigh down the Bulls' plan for the upcoming season.

To be honest, these two moves are almost SacTown-esque:

  • Wade's a natural scorer, but dude's got a lotta mileage and will have trouble staying on the court for an entire season.
  • Rondo's an excellent passer, but he's not good at finishing around the rim, and we all know he's not exactly the most pleasant teammate.

The Bulls got older and didn't address the glaring needs at hand. Instead, they took a chance and will fight the possibility of rebuilding for at least two more years. 

Right now, Chicago needs to figure out how to keep this offense up-tempo with the new [used] pieces on the team and to find a way to pick up another solid big man or two.

Wonder what the over/under is on Wade playing more than 50 games?