OKC Fans Hit 'Em with Their Best Shot

Published on 25-Nov-2013 by Bridgett Davis

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OKC Fans Hit 'Em with Their Best Shot
Maybe NBA teams should start recruiting in Oklahoma City stands.
Thunder fans have been nailing a surprising number of half-court shots at halftime.
Last week, fans at two consecutive home games won $20,000 by stepping out of the crowd, sizing up the 42 feet between the midcourt stripe and the hoop. To date, five fans have hit net in the 2013 calendar year.
Maybe it's something in the water. If so, Oklahoma City players should think about drinking it. Thunder guard Reggie Jackson is 5-23 on three-pointers in 2013 and fans are 5-22.
Last Thursday, Brad Brucker was the latest sharpshooter. He banked his shot, banked the 20-large, and then got props from Jay Z.
MidFirst Bank is the promotion's sponsor, which may have cost $100,000 to date but has surely been worth much more than that in publicity garnered.
Will the promotion end?
Thunder spokesman Dan Mahoney also told ESPN.com that “MidFirst views it as a wonderful promotion for the fans and our community. They have no plans to consider discontinuing it.”