News Flash: LeBron Can Still Clear His Throat

Published on 2-Mar-2015 by Towner Park

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News Flash: LeBron Can Still Clear His Throat

Did LeBron James choke last night?

Don't start labeling him LeBrick, people!

I certainly don't condone the term, considering I'm a fan of greatness. LeBron, with two NBA championships, four NBA MVPs, and two NBA Finals MVP,s under his belt, deserves the benefit of the doubt here.

If history tells us anything, it's that superstars are human. LeBron had the opportunity last night to put the Cleveland Cavaliers up by one if the charity stripe had, in fact, been charitable, Unfortunately, dude missed both few throws in overtime with less than five seconds left, the Houston Rockets ducked and dodged their way into a victory.

Or should we say kicked and clawed?

That's a red card in another sport, dude. It's Johnny Cueto trash. And don't even wonder what woulda happened in hockey. A one-game suspension doesn't do it justice. But that's NBA for you.

Let's put this into some context. Belying a career .747 free throw percentage, James uncharacteristically missed eight attempts last night. They were simply from the other .253 of his stats, clanking them off the rim like DeAndré Jordan. Sometimes, slumps happen.

It's one game. A regular season game at that. Superstars miss on occasion. Ask Kobe amount missing. Kevin Durant isn't flawless. Michael Jordan wasn't, either. Lebron was overthinking, which just so happened to result in two bricks.

People are overly critical, and we, as spectators, get caught up in the moment. This was a moment that wasn't memorable for LeBron. He's had a few of them.

If anything, he'll use it as fuel to only get better.

Remember the NBA Finals when the Heat played the Mavericks? James was disengaged and too passive. The following year, he was unstoppable.

He didn't turn into a choke artist overnight. But he does have to work on those freebies.

James is a one-man wrecking machine who has dominated the NBA ever since he was drafted, and he's been unguardable for the majority of his career.

Isn't that enough, people, or are all of our long-term memories shot?

No pun intended.