New Sun Unis Blinding as NBA Fashion Tragedies Continue

Published on 17-Aug-2013 by Bridgett Davis

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New Sun Unis Blinding as NBA Fashion Tragedies Continue
Just when you thought the Phoenix Suns couldnt get any worse, they changed their uniforms.
Are they really that bad?
There is a bright side. (Literally! They're neon.)
No one will be watching them next season, so not many will truly know how wretched their threads are.
The team unveiled its new look Thursday night, and the bright uniforms emitted rays that made onlookers believe they were staring directly into the sun. 
Maybe that was their intent. To use the 'sun' in all its retina-burning intensity.
OK, maybe I'm being a little brutal. The home and away jerseys aren’t the most horrid ever seen. But my verdict was totally altered by the atrocious third jersey. It's an all-orange, sleeved number with matching capris. Somehow, Syracuse can get away with it, but in the Valley of the Sun, there are more than enough loud threads on visiting tourists.
They're perfect for a 10-year-old girls' slumber party; not a professional basketball jersey.
The idea to change uniforms was fine, but the execution? Not so much. After enduring one of the worst seasons in its history, some sort of new branding was needed. It's just too unfortunate they screwed it up so badly. 
It remains to be seen how these uniforms will play on the court. Let's just hope it doesn't enhance the team's recent form as NBA jesters.