NBA Follies Just Keep On Keepin' On

Published on 30-Mar-2015 by El Grande Rio

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NBA Follies Just Keep On Keepin' On

The NBA's heroes are always on duty, and last Friday, they were at their goofy best.

For example, the Los Angeles Clippers enjoyed themselves in The Garden. The Knicks, of course, are bad again this year, so much so that it's not even fun anymore to laugh at them. They may be a joke, but the Knicks can make a basketball purist cry with what they've done to the game.

Take Jason Smith. Please. Gotta be good at something out there, so he's mastered the art of being posterized by doing a 90º spin to protect the family jewels:

Dude should be getting a call to endorse ABC pants any time, now.

The good news for Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is that he doesn't have to buy a ticket to watch his team. The bad news is not buying a ticket didn't give him a chance to miss the reigning champs lose to a pack of blundering chumps like the Knicks a few nights before.

It seems that a team talk after that unfortunate night prompted a return to the natural order of things. Poor Oklahoma City wound up next on the Spurs' schedule and thus feeling San Antonio's wrath.

After pummeling the Thunder in every way known to James Naismith and then some, Timmy -- oh, go ahead; say it -- Duncan decided to twist the knife:

Sneaky dude, the way he crept back there.

And look who's the new stud in DC! Barcelona's superstar, Leo Messi, had international duties with his fellow gauchos there -- his role wound up being as a spectator, and may well again -- so he and the crew decided to take in a Wizards game. Like every celebrity spectator, Leo had great time watching a bit of basketball and mostly being ocupied with his image on the big screen. 

And fellow Argie Luis Scola gave his countrymen more than free tickets:

That a fourth-quarter promotion the Wiz run. If an opponent bricks two in a row at the line, it's Chick-Fil-A for everyone in the house.

Even a global phenomenon like Messi can go unrecognized. At least, he can if the Pacers' David West is around.

David West doesn't know Messi

Dude, you should really educate yourself.

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