Mo Cheeks Hoping Third Time's a Charm

Published on 13-Jun-2013 by Bridgett Davis

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Mo Cheeks Hoping Third Time's a Charm
Maurice (Mo) Cheeks is hoping it's true that the third time is a charm.
After coaching with the Portland Trail Blazers and Philadelphia 76ers, Cheeks is getting a third bite of the cherry, signing with the Detroit Pistons.
In those first two jobs, Cheeks had to maneuver with rosters that were very difficult. Talent was lacking in those teams, but this time he has an intelligent group of young players with which to work. Take the current roster, add the draft pick, multiply by the fact that they have plenty of cap space, and it all equates to a bright future. 
Besides talent, a key harbinger to Mo's anticipated success in the Motor City is that he had the opportunity to be an assistant coach with Oklahoma City before his ascention back to the big chair. The fact that he was on the staff of a team that made it to the finals is can only be a positive.  
While I am happy for Cheeks, I have to question their reasoning behind the hire. Pistons owner Tom Gores said that after Cheeks' interview, he was very impressed not only with his basketball knowledge but his communication and leadership skills.
That sounds like a sound answer but ...
What makes this a strange twist is the fact that Phil Jackson was hired by the Pistons as part of their coaching search committee. Jackson chose Brian Shaw. They didn't.  
Why they would go against the recommendation of the NBA's greatest coach ever, who they paid for advice and then didn't take it? 
Who knows? Zen-o-phobic?
Pistons fans can only hope their team chose the best man for the job, and that third time really is a charm.