Matthew Dellavedova: The Movie

Published on 27-Nov-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Matthew Dellavedova: The Movie

Sports are ceaselessly entertaining to watch and follow, primarily because of the compelling narratives.

Amazing stories can be found in every sport, whether college or pro, on a fairly consistent basis.

One of the more popular themes involves an underdog beating all odds to triumph in the end.

See Matthew Dellavedova.

It appears the vertically-challenged Australian spark plug is quite the item in his home country, so much so that an actual movie of his life is being produced by a film company Down Under.

For NBA enthusiasts in the States, Dellavedova is a scrappy little guard who provides energy and defense off the bench along with the occasional points and assists.

Of course, the former Saint Mary's Gael did have that brief but memorable run with Cleveland in the NBA Finals a few years back.

Those floaters in the lane are the best.

From an Aussie perspective though, this dude is like royalty, an inspirational feel good story.

Here he is, putting in the work for their national team:

The Delly story will surely make for some interesting cinema.

He certainly isn't Rocky, but it will suffice in Australia.

Remember Paul Hogan.

That is definitely not a knife.