Kobe Tweets During Lakers Loss, D'Antoni Not Impressed

Published on 22-Apr-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Kobe Tweets During Lakers Loss, D'Antoni Not Impressed

After the LA Lakers got spanked in their first playoff game against the San Antonio Spurs, 91-79, the last thing Lakers head coach Mike D'Antoni wanted to do was to address Kobe Bryant's tweets on the game.

Bryant, who is out because of an Achilles injury, had nothing else better to do than to tweet about his team, which didn't seem to sit well with D'Antoni. When asked about Bryant's tweeting, the coach replied: "It's great to have that commentary," as he rolled his eyes. He also called Kobe a "fan."

To which Kobe responded: "A fan?? #microphonetalk."

Kobe was pretty much calling it like he saw it and made some astute observations about certain aspects of the game. 

Such as, how Pau Gasol was being used: "Gotta milk pau in the post right now and d12. Will get good looks from it"

Or what he would tell Gasol if he was there: "What I would say if I was there right now? 'Pau get ur ass on the block and don't move till u get it' #realtalk."

It was fun while it lasted. The Mamba has decided to shut it down. Maybe he feels he's distracting the team with his tweets -- English teachers everywhere were horrified, of course -- or maybe the NBA told him he was distraction. Either way, Bryant's thumbs will now remain silent, which sucks for the rest of us. The sideshow kept things interesting during that blowout.