Karl: Wanna Star in the NBA? Have a Dad

Published on 22-Dec-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Karl: Wanna Star in the NBA? Have a Dad

This goes beyond biology.

The question is, does it go beyond the pale?

For all intents and purposes, it seemed like George Karl was refreshingly unfiltered when he was coaching.

Upon further review, perhaps not.


No one will dispute that any team with Anthony on the floor was playing D 4-on-5.

Unless dude was playing for Mike Krzyzewski and country.

Caveat: No one ever thought of making a defensive highlight reel for Anthony, but nobody's gonna be on the floor for Coach K if he's not solid on that half of the court.

Karl's observation isn't even about being politically correct. Hell, no one around here is casting that first stone.

But he does rekindle an age-old conundrum posed by certain sorts of billionaires:

Then, of course, there's telling it like it is.

Existentially, there's the practical perspective:

And finally, there's simply the school of thought that, by the time adulthood rolls around, everyone should simply take responsibility for their own damn actions, period.