Kardashian Sub-Species in the News Again; Odom Involved

Published on 4-Apr-2013 by Bridgett Davis

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Kardashian Sub-Species in the News Again; Odom Involved
The name Kardashian is synonymous with scandal, moral impropriety, and monetary prowess. If you don't immediately think of Kim, then the second thought is her mother, Kris Jenner, but in this case you are wrong times two.
Apparently, Lamar Odom and his wife Khloe Kardashian-Odom have been accused of -- at the very least -- misappropriating funds that were supposed to be donated to Lamar's charity, Cathy's Kids.
Lamar established the charity in memory of his mother, who died from cancer when he was 12. Odom stated that the purpose of the charity was to help underprivileged kids and raise money for cancer research.
According to ESPN’s “Outside the Lines,” there is no evidence any money ever went to fight cancer. $1.3million of the $2.2million that was raised went toward funding two youth basketball teams. Of the remaining $900k, there is no evidence that any of it went to cancer research. In fact, according to OTL, there’s no evidence whatsoever of where the money went. 
Odom sat down for an interview with ESPN producers and didnt answer questions about where the money went by saying it was his money. He failed to realize the fact the money was raised through solicitations on his website, his wife Khloe Kardashian’s website, and others.
Did they steal the money? Who knows ? It could be a number of things: an honest mistake, lazy mismanagement, flat-out misappropriation, or greed.
Overall, the charity needs rebranding more than anything else. When asked about what organizations were recipients of the funds, Lamar reportedly answered, "A lot through AAU basketball in my neighborhood where I come from in South Jamaica, Queens."
But Henry Forrest, president of the Amateur Athletic Union, said that wasn’t true. He stated that Cathy's Kids never donated a dime to them. But it is possible that Lamar financed an independent local team with the money, and that team then participated in AAU events, though without any official AAU affiliation. 
And as expected, mommy Kardashian  flew in on her broom to try to restore some order and control the damage. The Kardashian camp wasted no time taking down the auction on Ebay and releasing a statement. 
So in the end, it is entirely possible that Lamar just needs to change the purpose of his charity. If we didn't round up a lynch mob for the reality show, why get bent out of shape for this? The IRS cleared the couple of any mismanagement.
If you've been through an IRS audit, you know that crew is mega-thorough. If they're OK with the Odoms, maybe we should be, too.