Jason Terry Randomly Talks Smack about Klay Thompson

Published on 25-Oct-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Jason Terry Randomly Talks Smack about Klay Thompson

The Golden State Warriors have a rather large bullseye on their backs entering the 2016/2017 NBA season.

The acquisition of Kevin Durant has made this team impossibly good on paper, and as a result, they'll be operating with little to no margin for error.

Another by-product of high expectations is the inevitable trash talk.

Haters gotta hate, right?

Just ask Klay Thompson, who was just minding his own business spotting up for wide open looks when Jason Terry decided to drop his name in a SiriusXM radio interview.

Terry went on an extended riff about what he termed "A-side performers and B-side performers". Dude placed Thompson in the latter category, much to his confusion.

Hey pot, meet kettle.

Klaymation doesn't seem to care what Terry or anyone else thinks about his role with the Warriors.

However, he is concerned with winning rings, and that's where his priorities should lie, anyway.

One wonders why Terry would even say such things, as he's still defying time and reason by remaining an active player.

Dude's currently toiling in obscurity for the Milwaukee Bucks, having finally realized his dream of wearing every single NBA uniform.