Isaiah Thomas Goes Crazy Good to Seal a Celtics Victory

Published on 27-Feb-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Isaiah Thomas Goes Crazy Good to Seal a Celtics Victory

Sometimes, Play of the Day segments on highlight shows don't do justice to the name.

They exist because lists are popular, but the reality is most of the fare is what one would expect from highly-paid professionals.

But there are occasions where the feat lives up to its billing.

And here's one of them:

With Boston clinging to a four-point lead with just under a minute to play against Milwaukee, career sparkplug Isaiah Thomas clearly let the force be with him:

Book it for the win column, Dano.

How that little dude continues to find clearings amongst the timbers is beyone amazing. But he's consistent enough at it that these plays are not flukes.

Consider these two flashes of brilliance from 2013, when Thomas was with the Kings:

Hell, the only Kings who come close to those sorts of moves these days skate in Los Angeles.

And in the last 100 years or so, there's only been one other little fella who could make it rain like Thomas does: