Is a Dual-Threat Thibs the Timberwolves' Long-Lost Answer?

Published on 19-Apr-2016 by CJ

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Is a Dual-Threat Thibs the Timberwolves' Long-Lost Answer?

The Minnesota Timberwolves have done an impressive job over the years of being a bad basketball team.

That's a great path to obscurity, even in their own home town, what with the Wild in the playoffs, the Twins showing promise in spite of their rocky start, and the Vikings ... well ... being in the NFL.

The T-wolves haven’t posted a winning campaign since the 2004-05 season, or the years before Kevin Garnett was a grandpa.

However, things are not all doom and gloom in the Land of 10,000 Lakes but no more Lakers.

Their first bright spot for the team came after the 2014 draft, when the T-wolves dealt Kevin Love, their oft injured and unhappy star, for No 1 pick Andrew Wiggins.

While Love’s time in Cleveland has seen a decline in his production, Wiggins has emerged as an elite scorer in Minnesota.

Minnesota also hit a home run -- figuratively speaking, of course -- in last year’s draft when they won the NBA Lottery and took Kentucky’s Karl-Anthony Towns with the top pick.

Towns has been an absolute monster this season and is more than likely to winRookie of the Year honors.

Complementing these two young stars, the team boasts solid assets such as Ricky Rubio, Gorgui Deng, and a mentor in old man Garnett.

Oh yeah, they also have the human dunk highlight collection that is Zach Levine.

With all these promising players, what could possibly be holding this team back?

Up until this month, a majority of the blame fell oncoach Sam Mitchell. To be fair, though, the job was thrust upon him after the tragic passing of coach Flip Saunders. But facts are facts. The Wolves under-preformed last year given the talent they possess.

Now that Mitchell's been dumped, the Timberwolves needsa coach who can turn talent into wins.

The man who may best suited for the job is ex-Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau.

Thibs had a fairly successful run with the Bulls until a fallout with ownership caused his departure from Chicago.

Though he's known to push his players to their breaking point, Thibs is able to get the most out of his guys. Nowhere can this best been seen than in the decline of his former squad only a year after his firing.

It's been reported that Thibs is actively pursuing the T-Wolves job, though he also reportedly wants to be the president of basketball ops, too.

It's understandable for the team to have reservations about giving one man that much power. But when that lot has been in the NBA basement for more than a decade and you have a chance to get out, you take it.

Thibs may be just the man to take the T-wolves to the next level in 2017, even if he makes his guys run till they puke.