Injuries Causing the NBA Playoffs to Be Less Exciting

Published on 28-Apr-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Injuries Causing the NBA Playoffs to Be Less Exciting

Has anybody else noticed there hasn't been much excitement surrounding the NBA Playoffs?

There are several reasons.

One, the NFL Draft has taken our attention away from the playoffs.

Two, the start of Major League Baseball season, when more teams have hope because reality hasn't had time to set in yet.

Three, the NHL ratings are biting into the shares of casual sports viewers available.

But I believe the main reason is the crazy number of injuries that are occurring around the league.

Let's begin with the Los Angeles Lakers. They were going to be fortunate to make the playoffs anyway, but we all thought if the Lakers got into a series with the San Antonio Spurs, they could give them trouble.

But when Kobe Bryant went down, all hope was pretty much lost for the Lakeshow. With Kobe, they had a chance; without him and with the injury to Steve Nash, the Lakers are predictably, routinely, and roundly getting stomped by the Spurs.

It's not good news for the Oklahoma City Thunder, either. They were cruising along before Russell Westbrook was diagnosed with a lateral meniscus tear in his right knee, which means he could be out from a week to ten days or, perish the thought, longer.

The Thunder should be able to get through this first round without him. The question is, are they prepared to move on without him?

At least Westbrook and Bryant played most of the regular season. Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls hasn't. This has had a huge impact in the Bulls camp. They went from probably the second-best team in the Eastern Conference, to a middle of the pack team without him. And the rumblings persist that Rose should have more of a hockey mentality about his injury with the playoffs on the line.

Oh, and let's not forget injuries to the Warriors David Lee (hip injury), who was having a great season, and the Denver Nuggets Danilo Gallinari (torn ACL).

The NBA playoffs are starting to look like a M*A*S*H unit. With all these injuries you have to ask yourself who is next?

The league's TV ratings mavens hopes they don't have to answer that question.