Hunting Season Has Officially Begun in the NBA

Published on 15-Apr-2014 by Bridgett Davis

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Hunting Season Has Officially Begun in the NBA
So much for bowing out gracefully.
The Milwakee Bucks did what no other team was able to do. Not even the sad sack Philadelphia 76ers, who put together a breathtakingly inept 26-game losing streak. 
What fantastic feat did the Bucks achieve?
The appalling distinction of League's Worst Record is theirs and theirs alone. The significance?
Yes, that’s it. All that hard work, and there's no guarantee of getting the best pick. Sounds totally unfair to work so hard at being so bad with no definite reward.
The bright side is that the worst that the worst team could do is the fourth selection.
With awesome talent in Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid, and possibly Jabari Parker, the Bucks have some possibilities. But will it help?
Who knows? So much emphasis is placed on getting the No 1 pick, but is it justified?
Everone gawks and squeals about the top spot, but remember, Greg Oden and Kwame Brown. And those are just the tip of the iceberg.
Hell, remember Sam Bowie at No 2 in 1984? We'd never have been left to wonder if Tex Winter's triange offense made Michael Jordan or if Jordan made the triangle offense if the Blazers weren't so gullible.
Face it. Just like the other sports, the draft is a crapshoot. It's not worth tanking a season, and not even worth what the Bucks did, which is losing the old-fashioned way. They're just bad.