Hibbert's Foot Size = Hibbert's Mouth Size

Published on 19-Apr-2014 by Towner Park

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Hibbert's Foot Size = Hibbert's Mouth Size

Ah yes, the month of March strikes again.

However, this incident was a little less tragic than Julius Caesar's ambush in the Ides.

Following a loss to the playoff-bound and No 5 seed Washington Wizards -- every time I say playoffs and Washington Wizards in the same sentence, I still get confused -- on 28 March, the master of mouth-offs, Roy Hibbert, decided to throw his teammates under the proveribial bus and publicly trash them without specifically mentioning any names.

Basically, Hibbert referred to them as "selfish" and that he was tired of talking about it because it had been that way for about a month.

He didn't learn that in team-building seminars.

Within any working environment, this is just something you don't do. Really, what's the upside? It only angers your teammates to the point where they start to distance themselves from you.

It's common sense that if Hibbert had a problem with one, or two, or several teammates, he should have confronted them in a private manner instead of blasting them publicly. Although he didn't mention any names, Hibbert pulled a professional running back move. You don't blast those who protect and support you unless your underlying motive is to be traded or leave as soon as possible without exhausting all your options to resolve the problem.

The Indiana Pacers are already amidst a tumultuous second half of the season. This only adds fuel to the fire.

Time to make amends.

Hibbert, who was on ESPN's First Take, said, “I will admit that it wasn’t the best thing to do. I’ll learn from that, and I was wrong. There are better ways to handle that than going to the media. All in all, I learned. I talked to my teammates; they talked to me. I’m willing to accept the criticism. It wasn’t the best thing to do.”

Everyone knows how wrong this was. You have to be able to keep your emotions in check and this is just a part of the maturation process for Hibbert.

I'll give him credit. He eventually did take some acccountability for his lockeroom blunder. At least, he was able to reflect and realize how poorly he handled the situation.

I'm eager to see how his well his play will transition over into the playoffs considering he has been horrific offensively, especially over the last four games. Nine total points! For a player of his caliber and defensive fortitude?

Lets hope his performance and mentality improves considerably because the Pacers desperately need him to be productive if they have any chance at winning the East.

While there may be no group hugs forthcoming in the immediate future, Hibbert and the team need to just take a deep breath and get on with it.