Here Are Three Key Hoopsters Doing Their Bit

Published on 19-Mar-2015 by El Grande Rio

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Here Are Three Key Hoopsters Doing Their Bit

In this day and age of computer-generated graphics (CGI), it's tough to determine what's real anymore.

But it's not hard to believe that Stephen Curry is a human version of CGI.

He does video-game stuff that not even video games are programmed to do.

For example, it's apparent Curry doesn't settle for ordinary warm up sessions. This is how he likes to practice:

The Dubs are on their way to the playoffs as the West's frontrunners, and part of the reason is Curry going above and beyond the call to excel. For players like him, ordinary three-point shots are for times when nothing else is availble. This is not one of those times:

Over on the other coast, John Wall is the Washington Wizards' top player. Besides scoring, he does everything but sell popcorn, and it looks like he's working on that:

According to Wiz coach Randy Wittman, Nene was also in pursuit for the ball, but luckily for the Washington cause, Wall was faster.

Up the corridor a ways, it's no secret the Brooklyn Nets have a terrible transition D. No wonder they struggle on the road. 

If there was ever any doubt Jarrett Jack was allergic to defense, it's gone now.

DeAndré Jordan is great team player for the Clippers. When Blake Griffin was absent, he took up the slack.

Now, all they have to do is keep it up through the playoffs.