Hawks Employ Real Ashley Madisons to Sell Tickets

Published on 18-Sep-2015 by CJ

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Hawks Employ Real Ashley Madisons to Sell Tickets

The Atlanta Hawks were surprise contenders last season.

To be sure, they got shellacked by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals.

But their mere appearance was a refreshing change of pace for a usually predictable NBA season.

And do know it was only a mere appearance:

The only thing more surprising than the Hawks' play on the court is their bag of marketing ploys off it.

Last season, the team put on a Tinder-themed night where fans were encouraged to use the app to find their match.

They were asked to set their search range to within one mile and scan for a hit from the game's attendance. If a hookup happened, the lucky couple got to enter the Swipe Right Suite, which came with flowers, breath mints, and hopefully, a lifelong companion.

This year, the Hawks aren't shying away from hanky-panky themed marketing schemes. They've decided to take advantage of the Ashley Madison hack headlines in order to sell tickets.

The team has hired three Georgians named Ashley Madison to be part of their marketing campaign to seduce the sporting public to attend a game.

The team’s unique marketing campaigns have helped deflect attention from the racial controversy that embroiled them last season and led to the ouster of team owner Bruce Levenson and general manager Danny Ferry.

Who knew the best way to improve one's popularity among sports fans is to encourage cheating?

It's about time some good came out of a massive data leak that will most likely lead to a few divorces. One can only hope that the Hawks don't come out of this promotion looking as foolish as the dudes who actually thought their private data could stay private online.