Flush It: All-Star Slam Dunk Contest Should Jump the Shark

Published on 17-Feb-2013 by Xavier McSpaniel

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Flush It: All-Star Slam Dunk Contest Should Jump the Shark

Memo to David Stern: before you retire to admire your legacy, fix the All-Star Dunk contest for good.

Make it mandatory for contestants to jump the shark.

Many argue voluntary shark-jumping has long been in place at the Association's showcase event. Indeed, a cursory look at the honour roll post-2000 reveals a list of names better linked to the Discovery Channel than the NBA. However, there are still one or two true believers who see no need for James White or Jeremy Evans or the occasional token Caucasian to strap on the water-skis.      

Come on, people. Every other option has been exhausted. Teammates? More teammates? Cars? Expectations? Egos? Children (who may or may not have been supplied by World Vision)? Been there, jumped that. Back in 1989, Kenny 'Sky' Walker even managed to leap over his absence of basketball talent to secure the crown. What's left at this point? Only a lack of relevance, star power and entertainment value in the figurative Great White form.

For the record, the Toronto Raptors' Terrence Ross won the 2013 yawner, registering a percentage of made dunks lower than Steve Nash's career three-point field goal percentage. He was part of an ensemble that went a paltry 14-50 -- good for 28% -- and 0-50 on moments to rival this, this and this.