Durant and Wade Trading Barbs

Published on 26-Sep-2013 by Towner Park

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Durant and Wade Trading Barbs

Recently, Sports Illustrated released their top ten list of current NBA players.

Most noticeably missing from said list was one James Harden.

Big deal, right? Everyone does lists these days. They get attention. But they're just lists! Conversation starters!

Yes, Harden had a breakout year for the Rockets last season. It certainly didn't go unnoticed, and for whatever reason, his former Oklahoma City teammate felt the urge to speak out against that omission as if an SI list actually meant something.

Kevin Durant, in a video interview with Cinesport, didn't just register his personal disgust that Harden was overlooked. Durant then stated he felt Dywane Wade shouldn't have been on the list, especially at the No 8 spot.

Why? What was he thinking? This sounds more like starting a catfight in the ladies room.

It worked. Through Twitter, Wade posted a photo that read, "note to self, make him (Kevin Durant) respect your place in history ... again."

Durant's retort? "Show me, don't tweet me."

At least they couldn't swing their purses at each other in cyberspace.

Personally, I love this. Even during the offseason, these two phenomenal athletes are still competing. You can certainly argue for and against Harden to be on list, but should we even care? Wade has certainly made a case for himself as one of the greatest shooting guards ever to play this game. With three championship rings and a tireless work ethic, Wade has proven to be one of the best athletes in the NBA, historically and currently. His all-around game speaks volumes, and his ability to consistently shoot above 50 percent from the field is uncanny for a shooting guard.

Harden, on the other hand, had the potential to break out during his short stint with Oklahoma City. That potential blossomed as James became one of the best shooting guards in this league last year. But it's a small sample size. One solid year isn't enough to hit a list of a top ten players.

Although Durant fully has the right to express his opinion, but why use it to diss an established player still in his prime?

Kevin, just shut up and play the game! Respect the rings. Dwyane certainly has earned each and every one of them.

And don't fall for this trash. You're an A-list NBA star, not a B-list celebrity.